Hal and Liz Chamberlain

Welcome to the tribute page of my parents, Hal and Liz Chamberlain, born in 1930 and 1931 in Marietta, Ohio. They were high school sweethearts and married in 1951, an amazing couple representing a life well lived. As born again Christians, they honored God through their commitment to each other, raising their 10 children with loving, traditional family values and always working to make their community and country a better place to live. Their pride and joy was the multitude of grandchildren that followed. Mom went to heaven in April of 1999 and Dad joined her in May of 2021. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I hope you enjoy this "Memoir" of photos, videos, stories and music. Please feel free to return as oft as you like to remember and reminisce. -Curtis and Laura C.

Early 1990s



Grandma Liz's Lullabies

Liz Chamberlain

Liz was a mother of 10 with over 40 grandkids whom she dearly loved. We hope you enjoy these lullaby memories! (Copyright @ Curtis Chamberlain)

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Grandpa Hal's Harmonica

Hal Chamberlain

When he was a boy, Hal learned to the play the harmonica from his dad. As a father, he would often play for his 10 children and grandchildren, especially around the holidays. We hope you enjoy these harmonica memories! (Copyright @ Curtis Chamberlain)

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The Night Before Christmas

Hal Chamberlain

A poem published in 1823 most likely written by Clement Clarke Moore. The poem was originally titled "A Visit from St Nicholas". This rendition was read by my father (Hal) in 2016. (Copyright @ Curtis Chamberlain)

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