California, Here I Come

Al Jolson performed the song in a Broadway Musical of 1921, "Bombo" that ran for 219 shows and launched a national tour. He wrote this song with Bud DeSylva and Joseph Meyer. It was released to the public in 1924. We are only familiar with the chorus, however the Broadway production included a couple verses. This rendition arranged and recorded by Curtis Chamberlain in 2021.



California, Here I come, 
Right back where I started from 
Where bowers of flowers bloom in the sun, 
Each morning at dawning, 
Birdies sing an' everything 
A sun-kist miss said "Don't be late" 
That's why I can hardly wait, 
Open up that Golden Gate, 
California, Here I come

Here is the original cover from the 1924 sheet music.


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