Old Record Players and Big Speakers

When I was growing up on the orchard, my parents had this large piece of furniture in the dining room called a record changer. It would play the 45's, 78's and 33 &1/3 speed records (LP's). You could put a stack of ten records on and keep the music going for hours. It had a built in radio and the amp was powered by old tube technology. Made of wood measuring 3ft high by 3ft wide and weighing more than I care to think about  . It had 2 side panels that opened toward the front like wings with fabric concealing a 3 way speaker system in each panel. The front of the cabinet sported a huge Jensen sub-woofer. The sound filled the house and was so natural and pure. The old cabinet now has a home in our dining room. The record changer is long gone (Dad had to repair it numerous times) but the speakers still sound great! Hooked up to a new amp and turntable, the old records still fill our home with music. And can you believe it... many new albums are being released on LP. Quite the retro experience.

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