Everything Old Is New

Vinyl records seem to be making quite the comeback. In addition to all the modern media, many artist are now releasing their albums on the old LP format at a much higher price. Up to $30 for an LP! One main benefit is more room for graphics with the larger package. Some fans maintain the sound quality is more natural with the tone arm hitting those grooves rather than the laser on the digital CD's. Whatever the reason, sales seem to be increasing and manufacturing facilities are making room once again on their production line for this classic recording format. So what do we play them on? Anyone have an old tube record changer out there? Well, many big box retailers and book stores are now offering those retro turntables. I walked into a "Books A Million (BAM)"  store one day and they had a whole rack of portable vintage looking turntables in many styles and colors. They're extra cool these days as many of them have a USB connection.  May the retro continue to spin.  -Curtis C.

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