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The Look of Longevity

On a daily basis, I continue to be amazed by the number of seniors I meet who are in their mid to upper 90's and even the numerous centenarians (100+). In my 15 years of working with and having delightful…Read more

Mini Blizzard 2015

Yesterday, February 14th,  I was scheduled for two Valentine's Day Celebrations in Columbus. The forecast was calling for moderate snow showers but nothing too drastic. I left at 12:30pm for a 3:00pm show. All was fine, snow showers with wet…Read more

What Christmastime Is To Me

What Christmastime is to me... one beautiful moment in time, a cherished memory, a kind word, a tender touch, the sparkling lights, a melody from long ago, the scent of pine and the aroma of Constant Comment Tea, a taste…Read more

The St. Olaf Choir

Last night on PBS Television, we enjoyed a beautiful Christmas Concert of traditional selections, "Christmas In Norway" featuring the St. Olaf College Choir. The concert was filmed in a lovely cathedral in Norway. What a breathtaking performance it was with…Read more

Adventures In Contentment

"Adventures In Contentment" is a great book about one man's journey as he considered the important things in life. A nostalgic writing published in 1907 by a well known author of the day, David Grayson. It is a refreshing read…Read more

Delicious Peaches by Laura

Laura and I love to shop at a place called "Sweetwater" in Amish Country of Ohio. It is an authentic farm market and reminds me of the days growing up on the apple orchard. They grow a ton of vegetables…Read more

A New Reed Adventure

A couple of weeks ago it was time to order new reeds for my Selmer Saxophone. I decided to be brave and try something totally new. Instead of the traditional Vandoran SR21 style, I ordered a rather new Vandoran ZZRead more

Remembrance of a Father's Prayer

Last week I performed for a Catholic Retirement Community and was honored to receive a "second blessing" from one of the residents, a retired priest. He took my hand to pray over me speaking words of prosperity, good health and…Read more

Springtime Snow

We had quite the interesting weather this weekend. Yesterday began in the mid 40's with heavy rain. The temperature dropped to 30 by evening and the rain changed to snow. We received at least 2 inches at our house. The…Read more

A Birthday Party Like None Other

Recently, I had the privilege to perform for the monthly birthday party of a prestigious Jewish Retirement Community. About half way through the program, one of the staff members stepped up to the mic to read some stories about the…Read more