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A Melody of Amazing Grace

I am convinced when one life comes to the full realization of God's overwhelming love and grace, that one life will be renewed and refreshed forever. As an act of unmerited favor, God sent his son Jesus as a gift…Read more

Harvest Moon

A beautiful harvest moon was out on my drive home this evening. Full and glowing, God's nightlight in the sky. I love the fall season. The air is cool, crisp and clean and the stars are extra bright. The Autumn…Read more

Sunrise After Sunrise

Another beautiful Sunday Morning Sunrise! What a privilege to have a free ticket to the concert of God's Creation as all of nature begins tuning up for the symphony of a new day! Here's wishing you a wonderful day that…Read more

Dates of the Big Band Era: 1935-1946

The bands were in full swing and at their most popular level. Hints of the era began emerging in the early 1920's and the sound is still enjoyed today. This truly American Musical Style has left a lasting impression on…Read more

Now That's A Sunset!

As I was driving home from Cadiz, Ohio tonight along scenic Route 22, I witnessed the most magnificent sunset that lasted for an entire hour! It was like a photo pasted on the canvas of a calm, serene, peaceful evening…Read more

Jive, Man, Jive!

Creating an original title song for my new album! In the style of the Big Band Era with a contemporary twist. Something old, something new .

Old Record Players and Big Speakers

When I was growing up on the orchard, my parents had this large piece of furniture in the dining room called a record changer. It would play the 45's, 78's and 33 &1/3 speed records (LP's). You could put a…Read more

Career With Compassion

It is a great privilege to serve others through the art of music. I thoroughly enjoy performing for a variety of organizations, especially nursing homes and retirement communities. It is a great joy to see the smiles, the laughter and…Read more