Remembrance of a Father's Prayer

Last week I performed for a Catholic Retirement Community and was honored to receive a "second blessing" from one of the residents, a retired priest. He took my hand to pray over me speaking words of prosperity, good health and safety. I was reminded of the first time I met him in 2013 and just as deeply touched by his sincere love for God and his fellow man. Following is the story of our first meeting...

June 2013

A New Experience: Yesterday I performed for a special celebration at a Catholic Retirement Community. Immediately after the show a retired gentleman with a white collar and accent approached me and took my hand. He said he was a retired priest and he wanted to pray over me. His prayer was powerful as he spoke many blessings and protection for me and my family, and we said the Lord's Prayer together. He even wanted my business card so he could continue to pray on a regular basis. On the way home I drove through a severe thunderstorm with zero visibility conditions and was thankful for the extra prayer of safety. I am not Catholic by denomination, but was extremely touched by this gentleman's sincere love for me and for Jesus. He went on to say how much he enjoyed the music, especially the polkas as he was of Polish Heritage.

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