Mini Blizzard 2015

Yesterday, February 14th,  I was scheduled for two Valentine's Day Celebrations in Columbus. The forecast was calling for moderate snow showers but nothing too drastic. I left at 12:30pm for a 3:00pm show. All was fine, snow showers with wet roads as the road crews were actively salting the roadway. A few miles past the west side of Zanesville, everything suddenly changed. The snow began pouring as the winds picked up to a howling roar. Snow and ice began piling up on the roadway as speeds were reduced to 45 then 35 then 25 miles per hour with hazard lights flashing. I drove this way for 10 miles, passing a jack-knifed tractor trailer and a multiple vehicle fender bender, stuck in the ditch accident. At first, I thought this to be a heavy snow band that would quickly end. Not the case. I called Laura for a weather/traffic update. The radar didn't look too bad and no accidents were listed on line. "Oh wait, one just popped up." she said.  About 1:30pm, traffic came to a grinding halt at mile marker 132 westbound. I sat on the interstate for 2 hours as there was a serious multiple car crash ahead.  Laura called  to notify the first gig what had happened. They were understanding and gracious. Traffic started moving around 3:30pm, treacherous driving at best. Thankfully, I finally made it to the second gig plus a little grocery shopping. The drive home that evening I would classify as primarily dry with patchy black ice. We saw on the news about many serious crashes around the Buckeye State. I was very thankful to arrive home with myself and vehicle intact.  -Curtis C.


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