Delicious Peaches by Laura

Laura and I love to shop at a place called "Sweetwater" in Amish Country of Ohio. It is an authentic farm market and reminds me of the days growing up on the apple orchard. They grow a ton of vegetables and flowers of all shapes, sizes and varieties. In addition, they offer a number of quality specialty products from other local farmers. Each year in the month August we especially love their Red Haven Peaches and this year is no exception. They are so delectable and sweet without a blemish on them. Great care must have been taken by the farmers in the growing process as peaches are quite difficult to raise. We buy three boxes which amounts to about a bushel and a half. Then the fun begins... Laura loves to garden, cook and can. This year she put up 41 quarts of peaches from our purchase with about a dozen left over for fresh eating. We just finished up the ones from last year so the timing was perfect. Of course I do my part... after she cans them I take them to the basement and willingly enjoy them for the next twelve months (Ha,Ha).  -Curtis C.

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