Song Story: For Me And My Gal

"For Me and My Gal"... what a wonderful, light hearted love song. The words were written by Edgar Leslie and E. Ray Goetz. The music was written by George W. Meyer. The original song was published in 1917. I arranged and recorded this song in 2013, using the original sheet music as a guide. It is track No. 2 from the album
"Hugs and Kisses (x's and o's). Back in the day, this song was used by such great performers as Al Jolson. Al was the biggest name on Broadway for many years and had quite the long running career. In 1942 this was the title song of a musical movie with the big stars of Judy Garland and Gene Kelly. This is the first song they performed together and a delightful film it was. The film is available on DVD and you can still catch it now and then on cable television.The duo's release on a Decca Single Record of 1943 was a smash hit. Below is a picture of the cover page of the original sheet music. Just hit the play button to hear my version of this classic release.  -Curtis C.

PLAY "For Me and My Gal"


Chorus: The bells are ringing for me and my gal, The birds are singing for me and my gal, Ev'ry body's been knowing to a wedding they're going, And for weeks they've been sewing, Ev'ry Susie and Sal, They're congregating for me and my gal, The parson's waiting for me and my gal, And sometime, I'm goin' to build a little home for two, for three or four or more, in Love land for me and my gal

Verse 1:
What a beautiful day, for a wedding in May, see the people all stare, at the lovable pair, she's a vision of joy, he's the luckiest boy, In his wedding array, hear him smilingly say.

Verse 2:
See the relatives there, Looking over the pair, They can tell at a glance, It's a loving romance, It's a wonderful sight, as the fam'lies unite, Gee! it makes a boy proud, as he says to the crowd.

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