A Birthday Party Like None Other

Recently, I had the privilege to perform for the monthly birthday party of a prestigious Jewish Retirement Community. About half way through the program, one of the staff members stepped up to the mic to read some stories about the residents who were celebrating their birthday in November. One story made quite the impression. This beautiful lady was born in Hungary and suffered at the hands of the enemy in a concentration camp during WWII. Both of her parents and three of her siblings perished at the camp. She made it through those tragic times by singing and continued to sing throughout her life. She rose victorious from the camp and went on to marry and raise four children. Two of them are doctors, one is a film producer and one daughter is a well known European Opera Singer. The opera singer attended the birthday party and favored us with a beautiful acappella song for her mother. I was misty eyed as I pondered how this dear lady not only survived such horrific events, but chose to thrive and live a life that was truly blessed.

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  • Bill Pitts
    Bill Pitts Lancaster, Ohio
    Living positive is a choice! Thanks for the story Curtis!

    Living positive is a choice! Thanks for the story Curtis!

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